When it comes to the best kisses in the world, the movies certainly show us how it’s done.

From passionate embraces by long-lost lovers to sweet and special kisses between first loves, Hollywood loves to show up that the best kisses are those which let us lose control and give in to our fiery emotions. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s face it: kissing techniques can be something of a mission to learn.  After all, no one is born with a natural ability to give a perfect kiss – but after watching tons of movies and music videos, you may feel pressured to act that way! Read the rest of this entry

Become a Super-Kisser

by Michelle Penney

What’s the difference between a kiss that goes flat and a kiss that tickles the toes? Some kisses you can feel tingle up your spine, while others feel like the mechanical meeting of lips. Read the rest of this entry