It’s the end of your first date with the boy or girl of your dreams.  You walk them up to the front door, tell them that you had a great time…

…and then you freeze.  You know it’s time for the good night kiss – and if you want to guarantee that your crush will be calling for a second date, then you better make it a sweet kiss!

Passionate kissing is fun, but if you want to let someone know just how much you really care, then nothing beats the sweet kiss.  It’s the kind of kiss that makes your heart flutter and your knees go weak.  Sweet kisses can make you feel like you’re invincible.  And a well-timed sweet kiss can turn a friend into a lover in no time flat.

So, what makes those kisses so…well…sweet?  Let’s take a look at a few dos and don’ts from those who know best.

  • DO put plenty of feeling and emotion behind your kiss.  Sweet kisses are considered sweet because they make your partner feel completely loved up and wonderful.  Think about the last time someone gave you a genuine compliment – a sweet kiss is like that times a million.
  • DON’T make your kiss about ulterior motives.  Remember, this type of kiss is about making your partner feel appreciated and loved – and not to get into their pants.
  • DO get creative with your kisses.  A gentle kiss on the nose, cupping their face in your hands and even a kiss on a bare shoulder can make your partner feel like one in a million.
  • DON’T reserve your kisses for just special occasions.  Sweet kisses can and should be given at anytime.  In fact, combine a kiss with a compliment by telling your partner how much you love them, or how much you had fun on that date.

Sweet kisses may be underestimated as a kissing form, but remember this: it’s a surefire way to guarantee that your partner will only be thinking of you!