Think that a kiss is just a prelude to the good stuff?

Then you, my friend, have never indulged in what I like to refer to as the “sexy kiss”.

It isn’t a particular move you do with your tongue, or even a type of kissing. It’s all about creating an incredibly tantalizing and passionate buildup with your kissing and caressing, until your partner is practically panting with desire for you.

Want mid age dating to learn how to kiss sexy?  Then consider this your lucky day, because I’m about to reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the knee-trembling, desire-building move known as the “sexy kiss”.

  • A sexy kiss should always start with the right kind of atmosphere.  Light some candles, dim the lights and play a song that reminds you of your partner – they’ll be ready for a passionate make-out session in no time.
  • Before leaning in for that kiss, gently hold your lover’s head with your hands.  Gently brush back a piece of hair from her eyes, or lightly stroke his cheek with your hand.  Experts have proven that our faces are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so work this to your advantage.
  • Now it’s time for the killer move. Instead of leaning in for a kiss (which is what your partner expects) surprise them by putting your lips to their ears and whispering something sexy.  A line like “I want you” or “You look so sexy right now” will make their knees instantly melt.
  • By now, your lover is ready to lay their lips on you – but instead of going in for a passionate kiss, tease them for a little longer by gently kissing them around their ear and neck.  Don’t stop until you feel those goose bumps.
  • Finally, go in for the kill with a passionate kiss that will ensure that your partner NEVER forgets you.  While kissing, part your lips slightly and catch their upper/lower lip with your own, then gently suck on the lip before letting go.  Stroke your partner’s neck with your fingers and even gently tug their hair.  It’s a move that will drive him or her wild with desire.

Learning how to kiss sexy is all about attitude and confidence. If you believe that you’ve got the best sexy kiss around, then show off your new-found talents.