A romantic kiss can mean anything to anyone: from a light peck on the nose (how sweet!) to a deep and passionate kiss (how sexy!). The art of the romantic kiss is as mysterious and spontaneous as the actual act itself.

If you want to master the subject, then sit back and relax…

…because you’ve just found your one-way ticket to discovering your ultimate romantic kiss.

  • It may sound cliché, but it’s true: the ultimate kiss depends on the atmosphere.  A quick kiss on the lips in the parking lot of your local mall?  So not romantic.  A long and passionate kiss on a beach during sunset?  Very, very romantic!  Choose your setting wisely; remember, the more memorable and unique the setting, the more romantic the kiss.
  • Think about the most romantic kiss you’ve ever seen, be it in a movie or on the TV.  What was it about the kiss that was so romantic?  Was it the passion?  The setting?  While you can’t replicate that movie magic (it’s Hollywood, after all!), you can learn a few valuable lessons.  Romantic kisses tend to be passionate and full of lust. So, if you can’t get enough of your partner, let your kissing communicate exactly that.
  • A romantic kiss involves plenty of touching and caressing – but not the kind you think.  What makes kissing so romantic is that the touching is generally chaste at first.  Try caressing your partner’s face with your hands, or tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear before leaning in for a kiss.  For extra points, weave your hands into his or her hair while you’re kissing.  This communicates your insatiable desire for your partner, as you can’t get enough of touching them.
  • Finally, romantic kissing doesn’t end once you’ve pulled away.  Take romance to the next level by smiling as you pull away, or giving your partner a compliment.  Sometimes a simple “Wow, that was amazing” or “I really felt something there” will take your romantic atmosphere to the next level.

Remember, don’t go for cheesy one-liners or cliché scenarios.  Make it unique, original, and reflective of your relationship with your partner. Trust me, the romance will take care of itself.