Flowers “speak” its own language of romance. It’s one that’s bright and intriguing. Practically all women enjoy flowers. Blooms are welcome no matter the occasion – be it birthdays, the holidays, or anniversaries. For most women, getting flowers even if there’s nothing to celebrate is great.

Failing to bring a girl flowers for extended periods gets her thinking that you’re not really interested. It never hurts to show a girlfriend how you feel with flowers. There’s a wide array to pick from if you decide to express yourself through flowers. Flowers send different messages. Select flowers that accurately represent inner sentiments.

Speaking The Language Of Romance With Flowers

Roses are top blooms. Each color is associated with a particular language.

- Red is for romantic love and passion.
- Yellow signifies platonic, friendship or dying love. It also means infidelity and jealousy.
- Light pink implies sympathy and admiration.
- Darker pinks expres gratitude.
- White and red blooms are for unity.
- White roses convey purity, chastity, innocence, virtue and secrecy.
- Blues are tied to accomplishing the impossible and mystery.
- Burgundy is for beauty.
- Pink tells of grace and lesser affections.
- Yellow-and-red roses are perfect for stating excitement, joy and happiness.
- Orange indicates passion and desire.

Lilies are another set of flowers that are popular. Such blooms get various messages across depending on the type of lily.

- Day lilies convey coquetry.
- Yellow ones stand for falsehood and gaiety.
- Water lilies signify the heart’s purity.
- White lilies symbolize purity and youthful innocence.
- Imperials imply majesty.
- Variegated lilies are perfect for telling her she’s got pretty eyes and other compliments.

To clue her in on your thoughts, present her with Camellias and shower her with sweet kisses.

- Pinks say you’re longing for her.
- Whites say she’s adorable.
- Reds tell her that she’s the flame in your heart.

Tulips can also be used to express feelings and ideas.

- Red ones declare love and demonstrate trust.
- Yellow tulips say her smile is filled with sunshine.

Orchids belong to the more refined, yet equally beautiful flowers. They signify

- beauty
- compliments
- love

Irises, so named for Greek mythology’s Messenger of the Gods, refers to messages tied to

- hope
- valor
- wisdom
- faith
- other compliments

For newly dating couples, consider giving your best girl lilacs.

- Whites express purity and youthful innocence.
- Purple varieties have to do with expressing first love.

Lotus implies

- eloquence

while lotuses mean

- estranged love and
- show modesty

Sunflowers stand for

- respect or haughtiness.

Narcissus is linked with

- egotism
- compliments

while Ambrosias

- tell the girl you love her back.

Daisies tell of

- loyal love
- purity
- innocence

Pansies are for

- thoughts

and Ivies express

- fidelity.

Jasmines mean

- amiability

while Blue Violets are for

- watchfulness
- faithfulness

Magnolias convey

- nobility
- love of nature

with swamp magnolias signifying

- perseverance

The bottom line: flowers are useful in expressing feelings toward someone. There’s lots to choose from. In this way, you’re able to let the other person know exactly what you’re feeling and thinking. Happy bloom selection.

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