Whether you’re looking to land a first date with that hottie or want to let your long-term partner know just how much you care, then nothing beats some steamy and sexy kissing and romance.  And if you want to send tingles down your partner’s spine and earn the kind of passionate reputation that makes knees go weak, then these tips will guarantee your new lover status.

Forget hand-holding and roses.  These tips on kissing and romance are the techniques you’ve never thought of doing before – and they’re bona fide brilliant at showing your partner what a generous and passionate lover you really are:

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: flowers are cliché.  If you really want to lay on the romance, then get your partner a gift that’s specific to their interests.  If your girlfriend loves to dance, then surprise her with fun swing dancing lessons.  If your boyfriend can’t get enough of baseball, surprise him with a couple of tickets to his team’s next home game – and tell him to bring a friend instead of you.  It’s the unexpected stuff that romance is made of!
  • Romance is all about showing it.  After all, it’s easy to say “I love you”; but it’s not so easy to let your kissing do the talking for you!  Learn this romantic kissing technique, and you’ll be crowned the king/queen of romance.  Before you lean in for the kiss, give your partner a mischievous smile.  Lean in to their face, but turn unexpectedly and whisper something ultra-sexy in their ear.  Then pull your partner in by the small of their back, and give them a passionate kiss.  Tease them by pulling back.  Your partner will be so steamed up that they’ll practically jump you after that move!
  • While romance can be all about the little gestures, a big gesture every now and then will make them swoon.  Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway to a remote hotel.  Grab a bottle of wine, lock yourself up with your partner in the room and spend the weekend indulging in romance!

Kissing and romance doesn’t come naturally to anyone – but after reading this article, your partner will swear that you’re the reincarnation of Don Juan!

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