Trying to get a girlfriend can be a scary thing. This is especially the case when you are totally new to whole thing of dating and attraction. But even though it will be difficult and take time to master the art of attracting women, it is totally worth it. And it will also stop you from ever being lonely because you will be able to choose the girl you want and get her.

So let’s talk about these lovely creatures called women a bit. Of course we know that they don’t think like men. Now this might not have been important ever, but it is very important now. You see, women don’t want to be seen as sluts. This is why they will never act on sexual feelings that they have for men if the men don’t make the first move. They don’t want to feel like sluts.

So the big thing to learn here is that women are not fond of taking risks when it comes to sexual relationships. Yes they want to have sex with you, but they will probably not make the move. The man has to take that risk. He has to make the first move.

So what I am trying to say here is simple. Take risks when you are talking to women that you want sexually. Get physical, take her to your place, get her number, set up a date. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. You must just get used to taking risks and making the move because women want that guy.

You also need to talk to women wherever you are and as much as you can. Try to meet one girl every day. Talking to a new girl every day is an incredible of learning very quickly. Because you will start to notice that even though they are different women, they have tons of things in common.

It is also a good idea to spend time analyzing your interactions with women. When you analyze, you learn, and when you learn, you improve. Think of all the mistakes you made and everything you did right.

As you analyze it, it is natural to notice the mistakes you made. That is exactly what you want. You can then think about different things you should have said or done in that situation. So the next time you get into that situation you will have something on hand for you to use. In other words, you won’t keep making the same mistakes again.

Repeat that process for a short 90 days and take a look back at your results. When you see the progress you have made in that short amount of time, you will probably not be able to stop doing it. You really learn fast when you blame yourself when the interaction doesn’t go well. Because that is when you force yourself to think of different ways to handle the interaction. Other guys blame the women they are talking to and that stoops them from making any progress.

So when you taking the blame for the interaction going wrong, you will start seeing improvements in how you interact with women and then you will start seeing that women respond differently to you. It will become very easy at that point to make a girl attracted to you.

The truth is that it will start to feel like a game. A game that you know how to win every time you play it. All you have to do is be willing to learn more and keep practicing every day.

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