As the marriage day comes nearer, the host becomes more and more anxious. He starts worrying about the smooth functioning of the marriage, he has to arrange several things; coordinate amongst various persons etc. In such instances he may even become confused and nervous. But, the most appropriate step is to keep cool and calm. Months before the marriage, plan every event and entrust each item of work to one or two or your relatives or friends who would coordinate the work.

Months before the marriage, discuss the arrangements to be made with some of those who have performed the marriage. You can even entrust the job to reliable and experienced event managers. The host cannot perform all the jobs himself so take the assistance of relatives or friends. They will be willing to help for this great event. The marriage function always requires well coordinated work of all concerned.

In fact some call the wedding as the master of all occasions. This statement underlines the importance of wedding function. Therefore this great event should be planned as meticulously as possible so that the entire event is performed perfectly well. For example, the venue and the date and time of the wedding which needs to be carefully thought of. If the marriage is held on some holidays then many of the invitees will be able to attend the function.

The wedding cards and the wedding dress is yet another important aspect which should be carefully selected. The decorations; both interior and exterior of the building should be planned well. The menu for the party also requires careful analysis. Make a list of the invitees so that you make a correct estimate of the persons likely to attend. This will help in making preparations for the menu, the venue etc.

The marriage function normally has some religious ceremonies followed by a grand party. So, both these events should be coordinated effectively. Instruct the photographer to effectively cover all the events. The welcome speech should be brief. Keep the gifts to be guests ready so that no guest would miss the gift. So, before the commencement of the event, it is always desirable to distribute the work amongst those who are helping you for the event.

The host must also have a look at the expenditure because normally the expenditure of marriage functions overshoots the budget. Irrespective of all these, the host must keep calm and look cheerful. It is the considered opinion of many wedding managers that planning plays a crucial role in any marriage function. The host must remember that those who attend the marriage, be it a guest or the relative are equally interested to see that the marriage function is held in a grand way.

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