Looking for some cool romantic ideas for love letters? Well, flowers do it for many as do great meals out, but writing a love letter touches deep down as it really is so personal. Love letters of course are not new and originate from the days when this was pretty much the only accepted way of professing your love for another.

A love letter allows you to reveal exactly how you feel. It’s not easy and takes time to perfect but don’t let that put you off. It doesn’t matter if it’s a literary masterpiece, the sentiment is sure to come across. This really is a fantastic way to tell someone you love them deeply and is a long lasting reminder of that love for the receiver.

Right, so what about those cool romantic ideas for love letters then? Be poetic if you can, and if you can’t, try! Use imagery, listen to how it sounds and give it rhythm, rhyming is not necessary but rhythm is – it should flow easily when read.

Spill your mind and heart out on the page, don’t go for short snippets or they won’t ring true. A love letter in just a few sentences is not worth writing or reading. Tell them just how they make you feel and why. Tell them exactly what you love about them and why. Tell them why you like to be with them and why. Be sincere and willing to show your vulnerability in allowing your innermost feelings to show.

Please don’t write it on a computer or send it by email, as this will make it lose loads of the intended effect. If your writing isn’t that great, it really doesn’t matter.

Get creative and draw some hearts and symbols on the pages. If you want, you could tease your partner by cutting the letter up into a few pieces and keeping one to make them ask for it! Hide the missing piece and make a treasure hunt for them to keep up the anticipation. Don’t make it too difficult to find, but put it in an unexpected place where they may just come across it anyway.

The whole point about cool romantic ideas for love letters is to put them towards a whole lot of effort for your partner. Spending your time writing a love letter shows someone that you care enough to do it. So find a quiet time, get some paper and a pen and just start writing.

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