Romance can be achieved in many ways, so if you’re struggling with ideas for getting your other half in the mood for Valentine’s Day, this article will show you some tried and tested formulas for creating the perfect ambience. Alternatively, if your single use these ideas to throw a romantically-themed party!

If we look at candlelight as a theme, we are inundated with possibilities for dcor. One interesting idea could be an Arabian Nights party. Using velvet drapes around your chosen room will add a sumptuous feel; try to keep to deep earth colours like maroon and dark purple. The candles will work perfectly with those colours, casting some beautiful shadows. A good suggestion would be themed candleholders or cages, Moroccan style works best as the finely cut panels will add a depth to the light that is cast.

One way to relax people is alcohol so a Glitz n’ Glam themed cocktail party is a great way to loosen everyone up. Your candles can be used in so many ways here, from floating candles in your punch bowl to glittery candleholders that cast light around like a glitter ball. The Glitz n’ Glam theme means all your ladies will think sparkly and will be positively glowing around your carefully placed candles. Make sure to put some by the bar area of your party to create a really romantic feel, it will be impossible not to ask, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’

Another perfect use of candlelight is majestic candelabras which can be used for the classic 1920s theme. There are endless possibilities here for costumes and decoration and the glitz and glam of the era is perfectly captured under the gentle glow. There are many different sizes of candelabras. The larger, freestanding types are great for entrance halls and create a regal feel, which is perfect for the theme. The smaller ones can be used on the buffet tables making whatever you serve look like a banquet!

There are so many other great ways to achieve the ambience you’re looking for, especially using light. If you are holding your party in a conservatory, placing lights in the garden so they can be seen through the windows is a lovely touch, as on a clear night this can be a reflection of the stars. You could also try scented candles, which would add a whole new dimension for your guest or partner. With so many variations in size, colour and shape, you really can achieve any look you are going for and if you shop around, you can find great deals for wholesale prices.

It’s easy to create ambience and romance, even in a party setting so even if it’s the first party you’ve thrown with a romantic vibe and theme, you can always make it something ultra special with just a few small touches. It just takes a little time to set the mood but the pleasure you can bring to your special event will be remembered all year.

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