Talking to women can sometimes be a disaster for many men, especially teenagers. Why wouldn’t it turn out to? After all, women are weird creatures that are hard to understand and read. Yet, many other guys can easily slide their way into a woman’s eye and start a conversation as easy as tying one’s shoelace. No, my friends, it isn’t about the looks alone. There are guys who look good, but extremely suck when it comes to starting a conversation with women. In such scenario, a guy with a face like Brad Pitt can choke when a beautiful woman is around.

Let us get straight to the point here: women absolutely love men who can confidently come up to them and start a conversation. It isn’t about the words you use or the proper pick up lines that will work, it’s simply about confidence. You see, women are people that need to be impressed, and in order to compliment this need, they seek for a guy who has a strong enough personality that can definitely bring himself easily around people. Once they see that a man is confident enough, the chances of having a conversation with a woman is high.

Second is practice, practice and more practice. Yes, practice, like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practice by talking to your mother or sister or your women neighbor until you get comfortable in communicating to women. Try to be aware of your words and listen and look on how they respond. Every scenario and circumstances are different. So try to absorb information on what women like, what words make them put up a smile and what makes them tick off. They are like your trial and error partner.

Be mindful of your body language. This is part of the presentation that we have discussed earlier. Learn and assess yourself on the image that you want to project to women when you approach them. Do you want to be seen as a charming shy respectful guy or a cocky one? It depends on what you are aiming at but in all reality I would assume that you would like to have confidence to talk to a woman for you to meet (whatever purpose that may be).

As the title says, it all starts with confidence. Like perfume, a woman can easily smell if a guy is confident or not. Having a confident man that isn’t insecure enough to talk about his weaknesses but does not boast about anything that he has makes any woman in this planet automatically interested to anything that the guy has to say. To sum it all, just think of any woman as a close friend. You can never go wrong with that thought.

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