Do you find yourself awake in the middle of the night because you are constantly focusing on “how to get my ex boyfriend back”? Perhaps you called the relationship off due to something minor and later to the understanding that your ex was the best man. Or, maybe he called it off with you. Whatever happened, your love relationship came to an abrupt stop and now there’s sorrow.

If the two of you have been together for a good while, taking the relationship for granted is something that many couples are guilty of. We tend to forget what we have until it’s gone.

Is it Possible that your ex broke it off with you?

If you see yourself as the only person in your circle of girlfriends undergoing a long term relationship, there could have been a point and time when you thought that you were missing out on all the fun and wanted to be single once again. Or perhaps the sex part had decreased a little, whereas you felt a powerful attraction toward the cute guy living down the road.

It’s difficult to keep the passion going when in a serious relationship and often at times we forget what actually drove us to the other individual. Another situation might be that the other person’s life looks more compelling, which then seems to be why the grass always appears greener on the other side.

That being the case, keep in mind that looks can be deceiving and your neighbor’s stunning smile might be a nightmare waiting in the winds.

Now that you’ve given this some serious thought it may have hit you that the good-looking guy may be single for some reason, thus making you want to get your ex boyfriend back. That being the case, now it becomes a case where you begin working more to get back your ex boyfriend’s confidence in you. More than likely, you crushed him pretty good after ditching him him — because you were bored or for no justifiable reason.

Try calling him for a get together, maybe dinner. Put on his favorite scent or wear the clothes he likes. And, by all possible means, be yourself while letting things flow naturally so it reminds him why he fell in love with you right from the beginning. Give an apology for your behaviour, even if you have to dump the blame on something else like stress, your job or hormones as the rationale but whatever you do don’t put the blame on him.

Don’t tell the real reason that you were frustrated or merely bored. At this time, you need to boost his self-esteem not wreck him while assuring him that there was no other man — regardless if there had been a definite possibility.

Asking for a pardon and another chance is the best thing to do. Remind him of some the of the things the both of you experienced together. Tell him that the time away from each other made you grasp that he’s the one and only man for you. Don’t mention wedding and kids, unless, you know for certain it has been on his mind.

For the time being, just keep all matters straightforward while boosting his ego — meaning you need to show exactly how you really feel about him, how sure you want him back, and reaffirming this by communicating to him that you are completely sure he is the one that you need.

But be ready. More than likely, he’ll tell you precisely what he thinks of your actions and want answers answers, as well as sending off a some steam. By all means, don’t get upset or say anything. Just look at it from where he’s standing and listen to what he must say!

In the end, he is going to provide the answer to ways to get my ex boyfriend back — no one else really can.

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