You have probably already been enjoying family game nights with your kids. But what about enjoying a game alone with your spouse? Games played with your spouse are not only fun and romantic, but a really cheap way to spend an evening alone together.

Together with being fun, a little competition frequently adds another excitement level. Let’s have a look at what sorts of games to think about and how you may wish to use them to turn up the romance, and the heat, with your spouse:

Twister with a Twist

You don’t have to stretch your imagination too much to know why a game of tangled bodies can turn up the heat. Naturally, this game has been around a very long time, but now that you are all grown up, you can rediscover a totally new angle to the game. Now that you and your other half are looking for games to get the blood pumping again, consider rethinking this classic game.

To add some extra spice to your grownup version, slip into your most beautiful, softest, and even skimpiest nightwear. It can get pretty mad, but isn’t that why you got married to start with? Have a few guffaws and watch the romance build a bit. And, those sore muscles could even lead to a pleasing rubdown for both of you!

Games to Bring Out the Kid in You

Re-light those fond feelings for each other by taking a trip through your youth. regularly follows a night of frivolity and laughter, and playing games that are stupid and fun is a sure fire way to bring on a laugh and more! Of course, you can modify these boardgames a little to turn your game night into a night that makes you blush, and fall in love all over again. Some ideas for boardgames to fill the evening with fun, romance, and a little bit of friendly competition are:

Monopoly – buy properties using romantic or sexy bartering rather than money.

Life – excellent way to open discussions about your real life and love.

Sorry – play with no holds barred then spend the remainder of the night making up.

Candy Land – make your sweet surprises more grownup.

Battleship – fast moving and full of competitive moves which get the blood boiling.

Checkers – maybe ‘king me ‘ could take on a totally new meaning.

Card Games for Higher Stakes

You can take any card game you like playing and make the stakes a bit more romantic or intriguing. Instead of playing poker or gin rummy for money or matchsticks, play for special treats, like backrubs or a sexy dessert, or whatever warms up your partner. You can also create your very own deck of cards for your game using symbols that suggest what is in store for the winner… Or loser. Naturally, nobody really loses at these games!

The most well-known adult card game is strip poker. You can make this game even more fun by coming up with a selection of resourceful stakes the ‘loser ‘ must pay. How about doing a sexy dance? Think of 12 or so grownup treats your other half would enjoy winning, then set up your game table and get those cards shuffled.

A romantic game night is all about the pair of you bonding together and having a great time, perhaps with 1 or 2 tender moments added. Send the youngsters to Grandma’s house for the night and play a few games of your own!

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