Are your emotions taking over your life after your breakup? Does the rejection and pain from losing the person that you loved and trusted the most occupy your mind as you try to figure out what went wrong and how you can fix things? Your mood swings back and forth like a swing as you decide one minute that you love your ex and want them back and then the next minute you decide that you’re better off without them and then the next you want them back again? How can you ease the pain and get back to living life again? How can you keep these thoughts and emotions from keeping you from working and enjoying life like you used to?

Your goal might be to get your ex back or you might just want these feelings to stop. The only thing that you know for sure is that the emotional state that you’re living in is causing problems in your life. Trying to force yourself to focus on your work life or something else to keep your mind off of your ex doesn’t work. These emotions are simply too strong and your days drag on as you pray for an end to this emotional torture. Simply riding the storm out isn’t going to work and you need some help or advice that will help you to deal with your emotions when you become overwhelmed with them.

You are losing precious days out of your life and you know that none of this is very healthy for you. While therapy is great if you are having a very difficult time, you often can’t stop what you’re doing to make an emergency trip to see your counselor. Talking to a friend about it is almost out of the question because they’ve either grown tired of hearing about it or they will just tell you to try to forget about it. You need a method that will work every time and help you get back on track so you can deal with it all at the end of the day, if need be.

With this method you can quiet the racket going on inside your head and even change things around in a few minutes. A quiet place such as your bedroom at home or the bathroom at work where you can be alone for a few minutes is all that is necessary. When you are alone, tell yourself that these emotions that you are having are real and that even though they are meant to help you and protect you, there is no need for them at the moment. Every single one of these emotions is based in fear and they send a signal to your body that is trying to help you avoid pain. These emotions are meant to make you take action in the same way that your brain tells your body to run when you are in a dangerous situation. Your brain is telling your body to do something immediately to aleviate the pain from your breakup. What your brain doesn’t know is that things will change and you will get your ex back but it’s going to take some time. You have things under control and the situation will change but rash actions aren’t going to get you what you want right now.

If instance, let’s say that you just found out that your ex is seeing someone. You didn’t want to know this tidbit of information but it was plopped in your lap and you’re upset about it. You go into the bathroom at work and you tell yourself that what you are feeling is real. It is affecting your body. This emotion is based upon the fear that you will never be able to get back together with your ex. You can tell yourself that this is only a temporary situation and nothing is written in stone. You still love your ex and you want to get back together with your ex but this complicates things a little bit. The scenarios that you are playing out in your head are not helping you to get your ex back. They are only hurting you and hindering you from that goal.

Any time you feel these emotions welling up inside of you, try this little trick. It really can help you and it can keep you from doing things that will ultimately hurt your chances of you getting back together with your ex. You will feel better, your head will be more clear and you’ll be able to start living your life again and doing the things that will bring you closer to your goals. Simply understanding what these emotions are there for can completely disarm them and speed up the healing of your broken heart. You will become more positive and optimistic about your future and getting your ex back if that is what you want.

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