If you at least have basic plan and a few guidelines, meeting women shouldn’t be hard at all. So in this short article, I am going to reveal a few tips that could make your life much easier when meeting new women in public. If you use them, they will help you out a lot.

The very first thing I believe you should know is that waiting is not a good idea. Nothing good will come of waiting until you go and talk to her. The truth is women find those guys weird. The ones that stand there and watch them but never come over to talk.

When you see a girl you like and would want to meet, go over to her and start talking immediately. Ask her a random question, anything to get the conversation going. Once she responds, you can take it from there. The key is to not stand there looking at her for a few minutes. Just do it.

Another good idea is to have interesting things to chat to her about. If you think she’s going to make it easy on you, think again. She wants to talk about interesting things that make her laugh and put her into a good mood. So please stay away from the weather channel talk.

Be cocky with her. Tease her about something that makes her seem like a little girl. Read her palm. Play a game with her. Just stay away from the normal boring conversation that most have when they come talk to her.

The other thing you have to realize is that most women are totally bored with their life or what they are doing at that moment. They are almost always open to meeting an interesting guy. If you can make her laugh about something silly, you are able to stop her boredom and that is valuable to her.

If you see a hot girl, go flirt with her and tell her that you like the way her body sits in her dress. They love things like that. It will make her want to hang out with you and talk to you. You see those types of things are much more interesting to her than the normal things guys talk about when they are with her, that is why they love it so much.

When a guy that is interesting but at the same time is not willing to chase after her, she automatically becomes very interested in him. This is the type of effect you can have on women if you know what you are doing.

Take her from being bored to being sexually aroused and chasing after you. And don’t think that it is not possible. You just need the right mentors and enough practice. I have seen many men do it. If you stick with the normal boring conversational topics that every other guy talks about with her, you are just helping her to be even more bored than she already is.

Try out those 3 tips and approach as many women as you can, and you will notice a difference in the results you get. These are the types of things that ladies men do. They don’t really care about exactly what to say, but they know what to do and what to stay away from. So do it and see what happens.

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