If you want to take your love life up a notch, then it’s time that you pulled a few of these kissing games out of your sleeve.

Forget those spin the bottle games you played in middle school.  These kissing games are the kind of super-sexy games that will make your partner swear that they’ve hit the lover jackpot. And once you get a load of these games, you’ll think the same thing!

Bonus: these games will teach you how to kiss and even improve your kissing technique.  It’s like work and play rolled into one!

  • The next time you and your sweetie are together for a meal, turn up the heat by pulling out this romantic kissing game.  Grab a strawberry or another type of fruit (nothing too huge or smelly – that’s a surefire way to make this game unsexy!), hold it between your lips and see if your partner can gently bite off the other half of the fruit.  Bonus points if you can transfer the food from your mouth to your partner’s!
  • This kissing game isn’t just sexy – it can even teach you how to kiss like an expert lover!  With your partner’s permission, place a blindfold over their eyes (be careful if you let your partner to cover your eyes, there might be some unpleasant surprises. Watch the video below… :) ) and tell them to guess where you’re going to kiss next. If they guess correctly, then you’ll kiss any area that they want.  If they guess incorrectly, tease them by blowing gently on their neck or ears.  They’ll be so desperate to kiss you that you won’t have to worry so much about technique!
  • This is another sexy game that will make you and your partner desperate to get your hands on each other.  Sit facing each other with your hands behind your back.  Next, taking turns kissing each other, letting yourself get more passionate and intense.  The first person who puts their hands on the other person has to give a sexy massage to the winner!

If you’re nervous on how to kiss, then these kissing games will transform you from a novice to a bona fide Casanova!

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