Whether you want to make a move on that long-time crush of yours or you’re determined to give your boyfriend a kiss he’ll never forget, learning how to kiss a boy can be difficult…

…unless you have this article, of course!

It might seem as though kissing should be the same for both genders; however, expert research has shown that boys like to be kissed in a certain way.  But don’t worry; you don’t need to become a part-time scientist to discover the secrets of how to kiss a boy.

Because we’ve laid out those secrets for you right here!

  • As a general rule, boys like kisses to be harder than girls do.  According to recent studies, this is because boy’s lips are far less sensitive than those of girls (this rule goes for their skin as well).  When giving your boyfriend or your crush a kiss, make it a firmer one than what you’d usually go for – however, don’t make it so hard that you bump teeth.  That’s just embarrassing!
  • When kissing your boyfriend, take one of your hands and gently scratch your nails down the nape of his neck (the keyword here is gently).  This is a surefire way to send a delicious shiver down his spine – and he won’t be forgetting your kiss anytime soon.
  • When you’re in the middle of the kiss, give your boy’s hair a gentle tug.  This passionate move has two bonuses: it feels good on his sensitive scalp, and it’s likely to be a completely unexpected move.  Additionally, tugging hair gives off an animalistic vibe which he’ll totally dig!
  • It’s no secret that boys like a bit of French kissing – so give him exactly what he wants!  Flick your tongue in and out of his mouth, and trace the inside of his teeth to give him a kiss he’ll crave again and again.

When it comes to learning how to kiss a boy, these tips will make sure that you’re on top of your game.

However, kissing is not as simple as it may sound. That is why you need a lot of practice and experience if you want to become an excellent kisser. An ideal situation would be that you have someone to guide you.

Michelle Penney’s “Kissing 101” guide is probably the most popular (and definitely the best) electronical kissing tutorial available. It certainly is worth taking a closer look at, not only because it is superb, but also because it is very affordable (one time investment of $19.95).

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