There’s no denying that the French kiss is a game-changer when it comes to kissing.  It’s the kind of intense and romantic kissing technique that let’s your partner know just how you feel about them.  From slow and gentle French kissing to the passionate French kiss, if you want to send tingles down your partner’s spine, then this is the kiss to do it.

So, where exactly does French kissing come from, anyhow?

When it comes to the history of French kissing, you might assume that it stems from France.  However, according to biologist Thierry Lodé, the epidemiology of the French kiss goes back tens of thousands of years, when our human ancestors used their tongues to test a partner’s salvia for potential sickness and disease.

Because the chemicals within the salvia acts as a sort of immune system tester (in other words, like a thermometer), this allowed our human ancestors to see if our partners were not only fertile, but healthy enough to bear children and pass on strong genes to those offspring.

No one knows exactly who coined the phrase “French kiss”; however, the term was first mentioned in British literature in the 1820s.  Many historians think that this type of kiss – in which the tongues touch and roam around the inner mouth – was called “French kissing” because France was seen as the romantic capital of the world.

Additionally, the French were known to be a lustful and romantic culture in a time when much of the world was more reserved.  Therefore, it stands to reason that this term was used to reflect the lustful and romantic nature of the kiss.

Just like the French kiss itself, the history of French kissing is mysterious, sexy and romantic.  If you want to win big points with your partner, let them know what you’ve discovered about the history of French kissing – and then give them a taste of this passionate kiss!

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