Ah… the thrill of young love! You’re probably thinking of how special and sweet your first kisses will be, right? Perhaps, so much so that you’re stressing yourself out! Well, don’t feel that way.

First kiss anxiety is normal but too much of it can ruin a great first kiss experience. So, read on and find out what you can do to alleviate some of that nervousness.

How to Bust First Kiss Anxiety?

Don’t focus on “what it should be”.

It’s more important to just enjoy the moment rather than to set expectations that – in your mind – must be met. In short, don’t expect to see fireworks or something during the kiss. Just tell yourself “Ok, I’ll go for it, kiss for about 10 seconds and see how it goes.” If you have more realistic expectations, the less stressed you’ll be about the whole thing.

First kisses are followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th… kisses.

Don’t get all worked up about how PERFECT the first kiss should be. If you – or your love interest – fumble a bit, that’s perfectly fine! Remember, practice makes perfect. So, think of all those other times you can kiss to make it perfect.

You’re not the only one yearning for that kiss.

When you’re dating someone, it means that the other person is also interested in you. As such, he/she wants to be kissed too! So, don’t think of the glass as half-empty (you’re the only one wanting this kiss) but think of it as half-full (your date is just waiting for you to make your move).

Think of the after-kiss glow.

When you think of that first kiss, you’re probably only focused on how to start it and how the experience would be during the kiss. But why not think of afterwards too? Imagine how the two of you would be so happy after that first kiss; how closer you will be to each other after this experience.

Is it really a “big deal”?

Ok, I won’t lie; first kisses are a big deal. HOWEVER, think of the millions of people sharing a first kiss at this very moment. Somewhere, in a different place, two people are sharing a special first kiss, why not you too?

Play it in your mind.

A great deal of first kiss anxiety stems from the fact that you think you have no control of what may happen. Really? There are two people who have perfect control of what happens during that first kiss. Guess who?

So, to alleviate your nervousness why don’t you play the scene in your mind so that you’re not lost during the actual event? For instance, think of the place where you will kiss. How will you angle your head during the kiss? Where will your hands be? (Around your date’s waist?, On his/her back?)

First kisses are GREAT experiences! So, don’t stress too much about how to kiss for the first time! Each day you delay it, you are only depriving yourself – and your date! – a wonderful experience.

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