When it comes to the best kisses in the world, the movies certainly show us how it’s done.

From passionate embraces by long-lost lovers to sweet and special kisses between first loves, Hollywood loves to show up that the best kisses are those which let us lose control and give in to our fiery emotions. With that in mind, the best kisses in the movies teach us that learning how to kiss sexy doesn’t have to be laborious…

…in fact, it can be rather fun!

In this article, we’ll dissect the best kisses from the movies and what we can learn from them about sexy kisses.  Get ready for one wild and passionate ride through Hollywood!

  • The Notebook Kiss. Yes, it’s a chick flick, but don’t underestimate this movie’s ability to make both men and women sit up and take notice.  When star-crossed lovers Noah and Allie are reunited, their no-holds barred passion makes for a memorable kiss.  Next time you see your partner, kiss them with urgency and passion – you’ll make their knees melt!

  • From Here to Eternity Kiss. Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster take their kissing to the beach in this iconic film.  So what can this seriously sultry kiss teach you about how to kiss sexy?  Always get inventive with your kisses – and every once in awhile, take your kisses off of dry land!

  • The Spiderman Kiss. Hollywood was bowled over by Mary Jane’s seductive removal of Spiderman’s mask – and their upside-down kiss marked a new era in the world of kissing sexy.  Don’t settle for just vanilla kisses; instead, try a few upside-down kisses like Spiderman, or use inventive props like ice cubes and minty chapstick to make your kisses more dynamic and exciting.

Movies can provide us with more than entertainment – in fact, they can really inspire us to give a few best kisses of our own!

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