Let’s face it: kissing techniques can be something of a mission to learn.  After all, no one is born with a natural ability to give a perfect kiss – but after watching tons of movies and music videos, you may feel pressured to act that way!

Listen, I won’t let on about your secret.  In fact, I know what it’s like to worry that your kissing techniques aren’t up to par.  But I’ve got some great news for you: the best kisses aren’t difficult to learn.  In fact, these kissing techniques are so simple that anyone can learn how to use them.

So, quit feeling nervous about your kissing techniques – and start using these instead!

  • Before you can master any advanced kissing techniques, you’ll need to get the basics down pat.  While you don’t want to make a closed-mouth kiss your specialty (those kisses should be reserved for your grandma!), you don’t want to be known for opening your mouth too widely and engulfing your partner’s face (gross).  So, what’s the perfect way to open your mouth?  Think slightly parted, like you’re about to lick your lips.  In fact, the part in your lips should be just big enough to fit in one of your fingers when held up length-wise.  Anything more is just too much!
  • Your height will have a big impact on which lip you should go for: the upper lip or the bottom lip.  If you’re shorter, go for the bottom lip; if taller, go for the upper.  This ensures that your best kisses won’t make your partner confused about where to go!
  • Think of the best kisses as driving a car – you wouldn’t go immediately from first gear to fourth gear, would you?  It’s the same with kissing techniques.  Start out slow and gentle, and feel how your partner responds.  If they seem keen to take it up a notch, apply a bit more pressure.  By the fourth gear, don’t be afraid to get your tongues and hands involved!

The best kissing techniques aren’t complicated – in fact, the best kisses are definitely the classic moves!

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