You know the moment before a French kiss.

That moment where the boy or girl you’ve been crushing on gives you a long look, and starts to lean in.  Your palms get sweaty.  Your knees go weak.  Suddenly, your lips touch.

And just as suddenly, you’re in the middle of a bona fide French kiss.

Being caught unprepared is every person’s worst nightmare.  From proper technique (how much tongue is too much tongue?) to embarrassing issues (garlic breath, anyone?), This kissing technique can be like a minefield of embarrassment and hookup shame.

In this article I want to give some guidance that you won’t get caught in any of these potential disasters.

1. A Little Goes a Long Way.

If you want to learn how to French kiss properly, then this will be the most important rule you’ll ever learn.  You shouldn’t use too much tongue: in fact, a light, gentle licking will work just fine.  Whatever you do, don’t shove your tongue down your partner’s throat!

2. Pay Attention to Hygiene.

Yes, an opportunity for a French kiss might take you by surprise.  But if you know you’re in for a night full of hot-n-heavy make-out sessions, kick your oral hygiene up a few notches.  Brush your teeth, use mouthwash and pop a piece of minty fresh gum in an hour before you make your move.  Your partner will definitely appreciate your efforts!

3. Pay Attention to the Signals.

Nothing’s worse than an inconsiderate kisser.  That’s why you should make sure that your kiss would be a welcome gesture.  During your next make-out session, gently part your lips and draw the tip of your tongue across your partner’s lips (the key here is to keep it light!).  If your partner does the same, then consider it an invite to a bona fide French kiss.

4. Advanced Techniques.

French kissing involves plenty of skill and thought; after all, your tongue shouldn’t lie in your partner’s mouth like a slug!  First, lightly lick and suck on your partner’s tongue – again, the keyword here is gently!  After that, use your tongue to slowly explore his or her mouth: brush your tongue along the backsides of their teeth or along the roof of the mouth for a tantalizing kiss that will leave them begging for more.

And don’t forget to breathe through your nose!

Remember, a great French kiss shouldn’t be too technical: it should feel passionate, spontaneous and sexy!

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