Sometimes the most memorable and erotic kisses are those that are completely different to the everyday norm – and if you really want to impress your partner with your willingness to explore every inch of them, then don’t underestimate the appeal of the foot kiss!

This may seem a bit odd, but trust me: there are plenty of romantic benefits with this playful and sensuous type of kissing. In fact, body experts have identified the foot as one of the biggest erogenous zones on the human body.  And if you’re ever had a relaxing and stress-melting foot massage, then you know just how powerful a few well-placed kisses can be on the foot.

If your partner has never had a foot kiss before – or if you’ve never tried it before – then here are some key tips and tricks you can use to make it a pleasurable experience for all:

  • Don’t go right into the foot, especially if your partner has never done it before.  Instead, work up to it.  Start out by warming your partner up with a relaxing and pampering foot massage.  Use a scented lotion to take care of any – ahem – odors, and knead out tension by firmly massaging the arch of their feet.  In addition, to being incredibly relaxing, this will help your ticklish partner get used to having his or her feet being touched.
  • Now it’s time to take things up a notch.  While massaging your partner’s feet, slowly and gently kiss down the length of their leg up until you get to where the ankle meets the feet.  Glance up at your partner to see if they’re comfortable with you continuing.  If everything appears to be fine, it’s time to move on to the actual kissing.
  • While still massaging the bottom of the foot, gently kiss your way up to the toes and lightly suck on one.  Pay special attention to each toe, and don’t forget to check how your partner’s doing.

The foot kiss is a guaranteed way to make your partner tingle with desire.  Whip out these kissing techniques when you’re relaxing with your partner, and watch how quickly they’ll melt with desire for you!