Ok, she looks nice and you’re interested. So, how do you get her phone number? For some guys, this is not a problem. They seem to have this inborn quality that just makes it easy for them to get the phone numbers of women they are keen on.

For other guys, however, it can be a struggle to ask someone her number. If you’re one of these guys, fear not because you are not alone! Millions of guys like you are at a loss as to how they can ask somebody they are interested in for their phone number. Following are a few tips to enable you to do so.

Getting a Phone Number Easily

How to get a phone number tip #1. Take your time.

Seeing that you just met this person, she may need a little more time to gauge if she wants to give you her number. As such, take your time! Don’t just flash a smile, offer a drink, and then ask for her number. Instead, engage her in conversation first.

As you talk, she’ll become more comfortable so that by the time you ask for her number, she will have less of a hesitation. Besides, trying to get her number too early will make you seem “fresh” and as such make her to NOT want to give you her digits.

How to get a phone number tip #2. Play it cool and casual.

If you’re too straightforward then you may scare off the lady whose number you’re asking. For example, saying “Give me your number so I can call you” is not really the best way to handle this. It will make her feel like you’re bossing her around.

Instead, say something like “Hey, nice talking to you. It would be great to talk to you again, can I call you sometime?” If she say’s yes, then DO NOT whip out pen and paper because that would signal to her that you’ve angling for this all night. Instead, ask her or someone else for a pen and paper.

Another great idea is simply to offer your palm or arm for her to write on. This move is very macho and sexy and tells her two things: 1) you were not planning on getting her number (more spontaneous), and that 2) since she won’t see other numbers on your palm or arm, you’re sincere.

How to get a phone number tip #3. Offer to give YOUR number instead.

Sometimes, despite spending some time talking to her, a woman may still be hesitant to give you her number. If you sense this in her, then follow up your request with “… or if you’re more comfortable, I can give you my number”.

I suggest you go this route if you sense that she’s concerned about safety but wants to see you further. If she’s not into you, then you giving her your number does not accomplish anything.

How to get a phone number tip #4. Ask for her e-mail first.

If she’s still not budging on giving her phone number, ask for her e-mail address instead! E-mail communication is actually a good thing so don’t feel that you’ve lost out if you get her e-mail address instead of her phone number.

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