Flirting is one of those things that must be done in moderation. That is, do it a tad overboard and it can be disastrous. The problem is, most people don’t know what is “good flirting” and what is “bad flirting”. Following are a few flirting tips to help you out.

Flirting Mistakes to Avoid

Flirting Rule #1 – Don’t be a pervert.

Flirting should be clean and fun, not sexist and vulgar. So, when you flirt, especially with someone you just met, steer clear of sex jokes.

Flirting Rule #2 – Don’t be deaf and blind… learn to read between the lines.

Don’t push it. If the other person is not reacting in a positive way, tone down your flirting or stop and move on to someone else. Also, keep in mind that it’s not always about what is said. More than 65% of communication is done via body language so pay attention to that as well.

Flirting Rule #3 – Don’t be a clown.

A great sense of humor can bring you a long way. However, don’t take it too far. This is especially true if your sense of humor is on the cynical or dry side. People, in general, need to warm up to this kind of humor first before they can be appreciated.

Flirting Rule #4 – Don’t be a “know-it-all”.

One of the most annoying ways you can flirt is to adopt the High Fallutin Intellectual style. Don’t correct or rectify the object of your flirtatious ways on whatever he/she is doing. This is one sure-fire way to be called a jerk.

Flirting Rule #5 – Don’t be too cute.

Are you looking for a potential relationship here or a friend? If you play it cute, you give off the vibe that you’re just a nice person looking for a friend. Play it TOO cute and well… that’s just a turn off.

Flirting Rule #6 – Don’t “half-flirt”.

If you’re going to flirt, do so with confidence. So, whatever happens, hide your nervousness. Remember, CONFIDENCE = SEXY.

Flirting Rule #7 – Don’t be touchy feely.

Yep, look and talk but don’t touch the merchandise. It’s ok to be a bit up close especially if you’re flirting in a bar. However, don’t start touching her inappropriately. She’ll think you’re too fresh and dismiss you or worse… slap you and throw her drink in your face.

There is of course, one exception to this rule. It’s ok to be touchy feely if you’re a woman!

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