For the most part, guys aren’t known for their flirting skills. If you’re a man and wish to improve your batting average with the ladies, then it’s probably time to learn some basics. These flirting tips for guys will put you on the right dating track.The keys to getting noticed by girls can be grouped into two. Take a look.

Verbal and physical cues


Flirting success is often achieved through the eyes. Use your peepers to send off desirous stares. You can set a woman’s heart pitter-pattering with a few lusty, lingering or playful stares. When passing by a girl you’re interested in, stare at her for a couple of seconds and slowly turn then smile as you begin turning away. She’ll get the hint.


There’s nothing unattractive about a guy who knows what he wants and chases it. In showing you’re not scared, you leave the impression of being confident. Feel free to compliment a lady and let her know your thoughts. It won’t just brighten her day, she’ll realize right away that you’re into her.

Posture and proper positioning

Posture and position reveal plenty. Stick the chest out and arch the back. When chatting up a member of the opposite sex, maintain a standing distance not exceeding two feet. This way you’re closer than normal, but not so much that it’s encroaching on her space.

Keep the body’s position open all the time. Avoid placing hands inside pants pockets and crossing the arms. To check if she digs you, take a step backwards about one foot and wait if she will follow. Don’t get your hopes up if she doesn’t move closer.


There’s no harm in lightly touching her arm or shoulder during conversation. However, things could go either way here so be extra careful and practice good judgment when contemplating touching. Exercise restraint when doing this, otherwise you risk scaring the girl away.


Actually, if your body language sent out all the right messages, what you’ll say ceases to be a huge issue. The talk shouldn’t be too heavy to be enjoyable so keep it light. Still, you’d be best served by focusing on beguiling and complimenting her appearance. Flattery is also possible via praises given of her professional or academic performance, all the while making sure your body is communicating the rest of the body signals.

Mental cues

Reek of self-assuredness and confidence

Presenting yourself as someone who’s calm, cool and collected is critical. This means having steady nerves and staying in control. Women are turned on by men oozing with security, which explains why so many fall for conceited jerks. If girls smell fear and insecurity on you, they’ll likely ditch you, so no fidgeting, wavering voice, stammering, or wandering gazes.

Exude excitement, happiness and enthusiasm

A positive mindset plus an energetic personality are needed to pull off effective flirtation. If good feelings emanate from you, the object of your desire will sense it and reciprocate.

The flirting could end with some kissing or even a deeper relationship. One thing’s for sure, romance will be in the air if you follow the above flirting tips. Good luck with the ladies.

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