Everyone likes to reminisce on their first kiss. But not everyone remembers just how nerve-wracking it was worrying about it.

Let’s face it: it will be something that you’ll always remember.  From where you were when it happened to what you were wearing, every detail will be stored away in your brain for decades to come.  And you certainly don’t want any disasters to happen when you’re leaning in for your very first kiss dating a rich man!

Not to worry – even if you’re the most nervous person on the planet, you can have an amazing experience.  All you need are these expert tips and techniques on how to have an amazing first kiss.

- Don’t overly plan it.  While you may be tempted to set the stage for the most romantic night ever, the best first kisses are those that are spontaneous and genuine.  If you suddenly get an overwhelming desire to kiss the guy or girl of your dreams, then go for it.

- The best first kisses are those that aren’t too complicated – i.e. French kisses are definitely no-no’s!  But you don’t want to go for a chilly closed lip kiss either.

So, here’s what you should do: while leaning in for the kiss, slightly part your lips so that there’s a small opening.  Now place your lips on the other person’s lip so that their top or bottom lip is in that small opening.

Not sure what I mean here?  Go and watch a great kissing scene from your favorite movie or TV show.  You’ll recognize the move when you see it.

- Remember, no one’s instantly brilliant.  And that’s exactly what makes it so fun – you get to practice kissing to perfect your signature move.

Your first kiss will be one of the most special experiences of your life.  So relax, have fun and enjoy it!