Despite the fact that the Eskimo kiss was invented in the ice-cold Arctic, this sweet and romantic kissing move is red-hot!

Eskimos used to rub their noses together as a greeting in order to prevent their lips from freezing together in the bitter cold of the Arctic.  And while this used to be considered as a kind of handshake, these days an Eskimo kiss shows your partner just how much you care.

Sweet, quirky and romantic all at once, it is one of the easiest kisses to do (which is good news for us all!).  Add to the fact that it isn’t performed that often, and you’re looking at a surefire move that will heat up your partner’s desire for you.

To learn how to give an Eskimo kiss, use these tips and techniques as your ultimate guideline:

  • Wrap your arms around your loved one.  Remember, this kiss is a fun and flirty way to get physical contact, so make the most of it.
  • If you’re taller, lean over so that your noses are on the same level.  If you’re shorter, cup your partner’s face in your hands and bring them to level with your own.
  • Now that your noses are almost touching, get ready to put them to good use.  Using just the tip of your nose, place it to the left of the tip of their nose.  Now move back and forth over the tip of their nose in a head motion that looks like you’re saying “no”.
  • Don’t forget that this kissing move is all about a gentle rubbing motion, so easy does it – you don’t want to accidentally give your partner a nosebleed.
  • Pull back and give the tip of their nose a gentle kiss.  Now smile, because you just made your partner melt into a puddle of romance.

Don’t pull out the Eskimo kiss too often – by keeping it as a special gesture, you’ll guarantee its effectiveness as a powerful aphrodisiac!