Have you ever talked to a woman and got confused because she’s giving you mixed signals? The question in your mind is “does she want me”. Maybe she is just being coy or she’s playing hard to get. More guys have gone insane and lost sleep over this than any other dilemma in dating. If you are in a slump, here are some tips on how to find out if she wants you.

Indicators to Look Out For

If you are meeting a lady for the first time, check out the way she looks at you. The top to toe look is an indicator of awareness. She could be taking in your appearance and wondering how you would look naked. Yes, it’s highly likely that she is thinking the same thing you are wondering when you meet a beautiful girl for the very first time.

Another thing to watch out for is the side look. If a woman doesn’t want you to know she’s checking you out, she does this. She may also touch her hair or tuck a lock in. Not that her hair is messy. She’s starting to become conscious of your presence near her. The same thing applies when you approach a lady and she generally sit up straighter.

Women show signs of attraction discretely. Touching may be as simple as patting your arm. She may pinch you gently when you say something that she thinks is hilarious. Touching is a fine way to articulate her emotions.

Verbal Signals

When a girl starts asking a torrent of questions, she is probably interested in you. Prying questions include the very private ones like if you have a girlfriend or a wife. Normally, a girl wouldn’t ask if you have a girlfriend if she isn’t interested.

The flirtatious chuckle when you say something funny is a sign of interest. Girls do this for a variety of reasons, but they only do it because they’re enjoying the company of the guy they’re speaking with. Even when she tells you she is not attracted at all, her actions should tell you otherwise.

Follow Ups

Keeping in touch means there’s something there you can pursue. The point here is, a woman could flake out after the initial meeting. You should keep yourself from calling her until she responds. How do you keep connected? Through texting, of course. Texting will never reveal your edginess, unlike a phone call.

Text her on the very first day and don’t worry if she doesn’t text back instantly. If she doesn’t text back, it’s not that you misread her indicators. It’s just that she might have connected with someone else. In this instance, move on and find another woman to banter with.

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