It’s easy to give up on seducing girls when you get rejected all the time. If you’ve been making your move on a girl but she doesn’t seem to respond in the way you want her to, you may begin getting pissed off . All these situations could make you think that seduction is very difficult. But you have to wonder how the other men do it so easily. Allow me to share several of the secrets.

1. Assume She’s Attracted

If you think negative thoughts too early, you’ll lose your drive to meet girls. You should reverse this and believe that ladies are attracted to you. In fact, there’s a chance that you will get it right. Negativity will never go you any good.

Assume that she’s into you or she will be as soon as you begin speaking with her. When you tell yourself that she will feel attracted to you, your behavior will change. You can take things on a sexual level more assertively when she starts showing indicators of attraction. If your mindset is “she will like me”, you are improving your odds of attracting her.

2. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Between her glass of something, the crowd around her and the song blaring from the sound system, her mind is processing an awful lot of things. Simply put, a lady tends to “forget” the random things you tell her because she’s processing too much information through her senses. Don’t beat around the bush and invite her to join you for one round or for a breath of fresh air.

Small talk is a good way to build rapport, but not if you’ve to compete with all the other things inside the nightclub for her attention. You have to choose the place and time. In a crowded bar, you can’t hope to have a long conversation about random things. You will need one more step to get to the part where you’ll ask her out. If she agrees to move out, take her hand and escort her outside.

One more way to check out this concept is to be sure what you want to do on your date. Change the plan as you go, or if she has other ideas, but make sure you’ve a back up plan just in case. Be specific and enthusiastic about it.

3. Make Her Curious

Seducing women is like starting a bonfire. The kindling must be arranged well before you can strike a match and develop a fire. The set up is vital. The first impression is a big deal when you’re in conversation with a lady you just met. You’ve most likely heard the term “peacocking”. It’s when men wear interesting things that make them stand out, like a funny-looking hat or a fashion forward outfit. Smile at her and make eye contact prior to your approach. If you catch her attention in a good way, she will feel excited at the possibility of meeting you. You’re building a good first impression by getting her interested in you before you even approach.

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