Why does every guy you start a relationship with wind up either running for the hills or deciding you’re like a little sister to him? Why is it that as soon as you start to feel that he might be boyfriend material that everything just falls apart? Is it you or is the universe plotting against you and your ovaries? Not that it really matters why this always seems to happen, it has to stop, right?

I know how frustrating all of this is. You’re tired of seeing guys that you like walk away with another girl. It can get tiresome after a while. You meet a guy. You are attracted to him and it seems like he’s attracted to you. Then you can almost feel him start to pull away from you. You can almost predict with pinpoint precision how it’s all going to end. Either he will start dating someone else or you’ll have that talk where he tells you that your relationship simply isn’t going any futher than friendship.

You might not know it but you’re probably doing this to yourself. You’re nice and understanding but maybe you’re overdoing things a bit. There’s a pretty good chance that you become just a little too nice. While this might be a bit of a fault, it’s a good fault to have and one that can be cured quite easily. It’s actually a lot easier to deal with than being selfish like many of the girls that always seem to get the guys that you’re interested in. While a guy might find that a challenge and entertaining for a short period of time, you have see these relationships break up almost as fast as they start. So, of the two faults, you are fortunate to be who you are and have the kind of character that is very close to what a guy is looking for in a woman.

You are the complete opposite of selfish. You often find guys that are nice and kind. You begin to get to know each other and before you know it you’re falling in love. You devote yourself to getting to know him and you put your heart and soul into this relationship. You listen to him and enjoy spending time with him. You don’t complain when he needs to change plans or if he forgets to call. You aren’t clingy or rude to him like other girls are. You’re happy and you want him to be happy so you give him the benefit of the doubt at every corner.

While you might think that everybody likes someone who is nice there is a good chance that you take it a little too far. When you decide that you’re really into this guy you might go a bit over the edge and change. You might become his girlfriend before he’s really ready for it. Even though you’re not really doing anything wrong, he will feel the shift and it might freak him out. This subtle shift can put you in the friend zone pretty quickly and he might even be baffled by how his feelings have changed. His instincts will tell him that things have changed and, like an animal that subconsciously knows when it’s about to fall into a trap, he will react to this change.

The next time you start to get that feeling that things are about to get serious, just relax. Remember that this guy is spending time with you because he likes you. He is starting to trust you and you are becoming friends and maybe even best friends. Often the most successful relationships start out this way and naturally progress towards more intimate moments with touching, kissing, hugging and all the things that make a guy a boyfriend. Try not to put a label on things and just let the relationship be. Enjoy this time and let nature take its course as your new boyfriend comes to his own conclusion that you’re pretty cool and that he wants to be exclusive with you and you alone.

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