If you’ve been having a great online dating time with someone, it’s logical for both of you to want to take the “next step”, which is of course to meet in real life. This is really something that you should not delay.

True, not every great online date turns to be equally successful offline but no relationship is really successful unless you make it work in the real world. So, bite the bullet and take that step!

Transitioning from Dating Online to Dating in the Real World

First of all, don’t think that your relationship will be doomed once you meet each other face-to-face. This is a real defeatist attitude and guess what, more often than not, you get what you wish for so expecting a bad romance is almost like giving up before even trying.

Instead, think that dating offline is a natural development of your relationship. Seriously, where else can you bring your budding relationship? You cannot seriously hope to continue on dating for years on end online without meeting each other face-to-face.

Next, realize that your offline date will be just like any other date… with a serious plus. With a blind date or first date, you have absolutely no clue if you and the other person will hit it off. With an offline date borne out of a serious of online dates, there is already a great chance that you will like each other. Otherwise, you both would not even contemplate on seeing each other face-to-face.

So now, on to the practicalities…

  • Pick a date and a public place. Keep in mind that you do not know this person fully so the best place to have your date is somewhere public. Keep in mind that if it’s easy to lie in real life it’s 100x easier to do so online! So safety first. Pick a pub or café and arrange to meet your date there (instead of agreeing to be picked up and driven there).
  • Time your date well. For your first offline date, don’t go for the movie plus dinner combo. Instead, plan a daytime date. If you do go for a night time date, make it a point to NOT consume alcohol.
  • Let others know about your date. Again, in the interest of safety, let family or friends know when and where your date will be. Keep your mobile phone on and with you at all times.

Lastly, RELAX! Plan well and make sure your safety is assured but apart from that just relax and enjoy your date. If it all goes well, great; if not, take it as an experience and remember that there are plenty more dating profiles online.

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