So many men who want to know where to meet women end up focusing on all of the old, familiar haunts. They concentrate their attention on meeting and approaching the ladies they see at bars and parties, and confine their pickup attempts only to the weekends. The problem with this approach to dating is that it simply doesn’t work.

To find an interesting woman to date, the average man should look elsewhere. More important, however, is the fact that he should expand his social interaction so that it encompasses his entire life rather than just the weekend hours.

Take, for example, the average coffee shop or bookstore. Females who come into these places usually have time to spare, so any attempt to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman here will have a much greater chance of success than if she was approached while walking down the street.

Parks are another option, since beautiful girls in parks usually have less reluctance to talk to strangers than they do in other settings. Savvy men understand also that all they have to do is walk a pet in the area and the animal can help provide a conversation piece with any woman they encounter.

Gymnasium encounters are even easier to arrange. All a man has to do is ask a woman to provide him a spot during a few sets of his workout. This can create opportunities for conversation. He should not do this when she is in the middle of her own workout, however.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that these examples are but a small fraction of the available opportunities men have to encounter the fairer sex. When men make the act of dating a full-time interest, they quickly find that learning where to meet women is far easier than they had ever thought.

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