Not even the best pick up lines will work on all women, but a man should memorize a few just in case he wants to use them. Some of them might be funny and others might be what is considered to be flattering or even cheesy. A man should try to avoid ever using lines are could be interpreted as mean, crude or suggestive. A line that relates to his immediate surroundings or situation might also work well and will likely not seem rehearsed.

A guy should really strive to having a natural sounding deliver, even if he has practiced the line. If a girl thinks that the guy is being spontaneous, she will likely appreciate it a lot more than if she thinks that he has used the line a million times before. It can be difficult for a man to both memorize and practice a line and still maintain a natural sounding delivering, but with a little bit of practice, he should be able to pull it off.

Making a girl laugh is a perfect first step in getting her to say yet to a date or at least gain her interest. A man may want to say a line such as, “I had a good pick-up line, but you’re so pretty that I totally forgot it.” A girl will feel flattered and she might even laugh a little at the comment.

Another way to flatter a woman with the hopes of gaining her attention is to simply give her a heart-felt compliment. A man can say something like, “You look beautiful today, but that is no different than any other day.” Complimenting her hair, clothing or noticing an accomplishment she has attained might also work to flatter her.

A cheesy line might work okay on some girls, because they might laugh or even groan, being aware that he is attempting to pick her up. Using a line like, “Was it painful when you feel from Heaven?” might make her grin, but it may also be a turn-off to her. The guy should carefully asses the situation and use lines like this sparingly and only when appropriate.

The best pick up lines that a guy can use will not only depend on the man delivering them, but on the woman he is talking to and the situation. A man should know a few good lines to use when appropriate. He can use lines that might make a girl laugh or that give her a compliment or that simply get her to pay attention to him.

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