A common dream among men is to attract a lot of women. Some of us deny it but yes its true. We want to be able to attract gorgeous and desirable girls. We want girls to flock around us to get our attention. But the big question is what makes a woman attracted to a man? For some guys attracting girls are easy while other guys are confused and still grasping to learn how to attract a girl.

The first thing that you should do is to assess your physical appearance. Do you have a muscular body or a handsome face? Are you tall and lean or short and stout? Well, its undeniable that the first thing a woman will notice in a man is how he looks. The solution to this is to flaunt your asset! If you have a lean body, then wear clothes that will show off your figure.

Smile a lot at her if you have a white smile with perfect teeth. Don’t wear a long hairstyle or have a lot of facial hair if your face is handsome. Carry yourself well with good posture because that will make you appear more impressive.

The more confident you appear, the more impressive you look. Carry yourself well and know the latest clothing trend. Fashion is not only for women, men should also be fashionable! Dress well and choose your outfit depending on the place you are going. If you want to attract more women in bars, choose a simple casual wear that is not as expensive-looking as most guys are wearing there.

Or you could wear a nice suit at the coffee bar to distinguish you from all the other guys there in jeans and sweaters. Have your own personal style but don’t be strange about it. Naturally, the first thing that’s necessary for attracting a female is to know how to begin a dialogue with her.

In everyday life communication is key. If you have great communication skills you have more of a chance of attracting women. Great communication skills is not only important in attracting women, but to get you everything you want such as promoting your business and promoting your self.

When it comes to women, our goal is to share build trust first through conversations. Small, nice talks can bring about change. Talk about common interests, current news or situations you are into. Be observant and notice how she reacts to a topic. Observe how she talks and moves and notice what topics she loves talking about.

Keep the talk fun, light and exciting. Women love to talk and they love men whom they can interact well and with whom they can share their stories including their emotions. Maintain eye contact while talking. Unknown to a lot of guys, women are easily attracted to a man who stares at them. This makes their heart melt and they feel flattered by such act.

Remember not to project hostility or discomfort when looking at her – maintain eye contact and warmth, so she knows you are seriously interested in her. Also; when chatting with a female, don’t become a complainer who has to bring up the stress of a difficult job with a difficult boss for crappy pay – nothing turns a woman off faster than a man who whimpers and whines about his life.

Women are already nagger themselves and they hate men who also complain a lot. Do speak also in a pleasing tone of voice. Be attentive to signals and act immediately. Women sometimes try to appear hard to get and disinterested but then you can notice how they feel through their body language. They also love sending signals showing she likes or hates you.

Be watching for these signs, and prepared to adapt to the situation as called for. Does she seem interested in you? Now is the time to confidently get her phone number. Does she seem eager to get away from you? Then you should politely disengage.

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