Yes, romantic relationships are important and successful relationships need constant work. However, this is something that need be a “burden” while dating.

Sure, the purpose of dating is to find that someone you can be in a relationship with but if you bring such high expectations and so much baggage during the dating stage, then dating will become a chore and not the fun and exciting time it is meant to be.

Happiness in Dating 101

Firstly, accept the fact now that not all dates will be a resounding success. There is bound to be a dud here and there. So what? They are all part of the dating experience. Each date makes you realize what you like and don’t like and that in itself is a process of learning more about yourself.

Don’t look at each date as a “new beginning”. Why? Because there’s no relationship that has started. Instead, look at each date as the start and end of itself, i.e., a great time that starts and ends today/tonight.

Secondly, be open-minded about dating in the 21st century. For instance, if you’re a woman and you are interested in a guy, be brave and ask him out. This is not to say that the traditional concept of dating (guy asks girl out, plans date, pays for dinner, etc.) is dead. Not at all. In fact many men and women PREFER this way of dating. However, just be open-minded in that you are not limited by such traditional dating concepts.

As a case in point, why not try speed dating? That’s modern dating in every sense of the word. In speed dating, you get to chat with someone for 5, 10, or even 15 minutes and then a bell rings signifying that the men (or women) need to move on to the next “date” on the next table. At the end of the evening, everybody signifies who they want to see again.

Thirdly, lose the expectations. Again, don’t go out on a date thinking already that it SHOULD result in a 2nd, 3rd, 4th date. Same thing for the speed dating. Don’t go there and expect to be asked the first time you participate. Maybe the right date was not on that session, right? In short, just live in the moment.

The more you focus on the now, the more you will achieve happiness in dating.

There are of course some things that don’t change in the dating scene. And that is to conduct yourself in an honest and decent manner. For instance, don’t force your date to try bowling or rock climbing if he or she is not into that. Don’t say you own a mansion if you don’t and so on. Remember, just have fun! The right date and potential partner will be found in the right moment.

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