What’s the key for making your ex boyfriend jump over hoops, climb over mountains and also walk over fire to be with you, spend some time with you as well as dedicate himself to you?

Guys are simple creatures and so they offer quite simple hints to women when they are attracted in her.

The most obvious one is that he’ll be calling you… a lot… almost daily, to listen to your voice, to hear you laugh, to make fun of you and tease you, to want to be close to you.

Thus, if your man isn’t calling you nearly everyday, frequently, wondering what precisely you’re up to, what exactly your own plans are and what happened to that particular work give you got the other week, then it’s a certain sign that his own interest in you is only “lukewarm” at this time.

Notice, I said, right now. You can turn up the heat and make him hot for you so long as you know how men think and what exactly induces that “attraction” in him to take action.

How do you do that?

Here’s my #1 suggestion:

The 1st Step: Do not Call Him!

Some women presume if you don’t call, he will assume she is lost interest in him and also he’d run off to pursue another lady. Wrong! It’s natural for a man to chase a girl, to pursue YOU. If you are chasing him, why would he need to chase you?

In case a man is meeting two different ladies: one calls him daily, the other rarely calls him at all. Who do you believe he would call more?

Do you actually think he’d “forget” about the woman who did not contact him? Or would he realize that to be able to find out which girl he wished to be with, he would need to call the one who didn’t call him, because how else would he get close to her?

And what about the woman who regularly called him? Well, he would be confident she is into him, so consequently, his need to chase her is also diminished.

Make him work to find out more about you, to want to know if you are “the one” for him. You don’t have to, nor would I advise you, to chase him.

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