Ok, you have great first date ideas in your pocket and strongly believe that the date will go well. So, how about how to end the date? Should you or should you not go for that first goodnight kiss?

It’s pretty understandable to be concerned about this topic. Some women would love to be given a great lip kiss after frst date, while others may feel that this is too soon. So, how do you know where you stand?

First Goodnight Kiss – Should You or Shouldn’t You

To know if you should lean forward and give her that passionate goodnight kiss, you need to be able to decipher her body language throughout your first date. Here are some clues that you can pick up during the date that tell she’s into you.

1. Laughing or giggling a lot during conversations.

2. Touching your arm.

3. When you lead her out of the car or to her seat, she tends to lean on your arm or towards you.

If you encounter any of the clues, then chances are she’s into you alright my friend! So, now what? Do you move in for the kiss now or later as you say goodbye to each other.

This is a little tricky to answers because it’s all about “the moment”. For instance, say you’re having dessert in a cozy café or restaurant and it just so happens that you both look lean towards each other and gaze into each other’s eyes… Well, there’s a perfect opportunity for a goodnight kiss right there and then, and you would be an idiot to let that pass.

On the other hand, if no such situation arises but you feel that the date was a success, then you can try for a goodnight kiss anyway using any of the following tips.

1. Romantic: As you kiss her on the cheek to say goodnight, move your whole body towards her and hold her close. If she does not pull away… now’s the time for that goodnight kiss.

2. Sweet and nervous: Say goodnight, lift her hand to your lips, and while keeping eye contact ask if it’s alright to give her a goodnight kiss.

3. Bold: Just go for it!

It’s understandable to be nervous or concerned about the goodnight kiss after a first date but even if it doesn’t go that way – either because the moment passed or she seemed not into it – don’t lose hope. There’s always another chance of kissing on your next date!

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