Do you think that first dates are important? You bet! That’s why it’s important to keep a sort of list of excellent first date ideas when you’re in the singles pool and looking to have a good date with someone.

In today’s world, meeting singles and getting a date is not hard at all. Just go to your local pub and you would probably find at least one interesting prospect. Don’t want to go out? That’s fine too. Just go online and join a chat room for singles and get an online date. You can even sign up with online dating sites and see your profile get responses by dozens of singles like you looking for love.

So you see, finding a date is not the problem; it’s ensuring that first date ignites the right sparks between the two of you since this is what gets most people in a bind these days.

First Date Ideas to Try

You know the classic “dinner-and-then-movie” date is called a classic for a reason. It’s safe, fun, and it is effective so don’t think that particular type of first date is a no-no; it’s not. However, almost everybody does it so you and your date may be at a stage where you both want something different for your particular first date. If so, then read on for some fun dating idea.

Go on a picnic.

If you and your date like the outdoors or you both lead hectic lives, then a nice, relaxing picnic may be just what the two of you need. It’s also a safe choice. For instance, if no sparks fly, then you can easily wrap up the date after your picnic meal. There are also plenty of public parks that are great places for a good picnic so there’s no need to feel afraid for safety on a first date.

Another thing that makes picnics a great first date idea is that it’s more laid back. A dinner date tends to bring out the “polished” in you, whereas a picnic date brings out more of the real you.

Go on an art trip.

If you are both lovers of art, what’s wrong with visiting a museum or an art gallery, and then having a cup of coffee afterwards?

Go to a concert or a festival.

If you both love music, then check out music festivals or concert dates coming around. If you both like type of music that’s going to be played, then go for it.

Go to a sports game.

Sports fanatics? Going to a soccer/baseball/tennis/basketball game is a great “laid back” type of date. It’s a little bit like going on the picnic date. That is, it reveals the real you more, instead of going for the “make an excellent first impression” approach.

So, don’t get stuck on the dinner-movie-popcorn theme for your first date. There are plenty of things you can do and besides, you can always do the dinner-movie-popcorn thing another time.

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