When it comes to the first date, there’s a minefield of kissing do’s and don’ts to keep in mind – and then some!

So, when it comes to the final verdict on some of the most pressing kissing issues with the first date (When should we kiss? How will I know if they want to be kissed?), don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.  Once you’ve armed yourself with these kissing tips for the first date, you won’t have to worry about a single mistake or faux pas again.

So read on, get going and grab yourself a second date!

  • The biggest concern about kissing on a date: when exactly should you lean in for the first kisses?  Forget the whole cliché about walking to the door and kissing at the end of the night – this is the 21st century, after all!  Instead of being a bundle of nerves throughout the entire date, kiss your date halfway through if it’s going really well.  It’ll take the enormous pressure off of the good night kiss!
  • Should you go for tongue on the first date?  Our gut instinct is typically a no – however, if you know that you wield French kissing with the best of them, then go ahead and do so.  But wait for the crucial body signals from your date (i.e. they’re opening their mouth wide enough for some tongue to slip through; they’re pressing in close to you; etc).
  • So how will you know if your date wants to be kissed?  Simple: pay careful attention to body language!  If your date is gazing into your eyes, touches your arm frequently and laughs at your jokes, chances are that they’re looking for a kiss.  If you really want to see fireworks on your first date, read through more of our kissing tips articles to master every trick in the book!

Nothing is more exciting – and nerve-wracking! – than a first date kiss.  But if you get it right the first time – and with our help, you will – then you’re guarantee to get the second date!

Ok, this was just one perspective about kissing on the first date. Check out the video below to see two more opinions about that. In the end, the choice is yours how to go with it…:)

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