Myths concerning dating women continue to circulate even if they have zero basis in reality. Some of these bubbles need to be burst and pronto. In addressing such misguided info about women, people will know better than to believe them straightaway the next time they hear the urban legends.

Falsehoods On Dating Women Requiring Debunking

You’re dating and confused about the things you’ve been hearing about women. Dispell the following misconceptions now.

1. Visual triggers, including porn don’t turn women on

Women aren’t into watching pornography. The time has come to burst that bubble. FACT: women LIKE porn, they just don’t want to admit it.

While gals are more in touch with the other senses (smells and sounds) than guys, visual activators are equally precious to them too. Occasionally, when your girlfriend is horny, she’ll pop in a porn movie in the player. However, don’t expect her to devote one hour daily to Google sex.

2. Women hate being controlled and value freedom excessively

Showing tenderness and affection are alright with girls, but don’t relinquish all control and completely wimp out. Women enjoy being controlled by strong men to a certain extent. In ensuring she’ll stay, be ready to treat her to your own “tough love”.

Having a man who can protect her affords a girl a sense of security. This won’t happen if you just sit there and let her lord it over everything. Freedom is important to women, but they also long for someone to take care of them. Men able to give women the space they need while also knowing when it’s okay to take charge are sure winners with women.

3. Women aren’t big on sex

Again, NOT true. Watch Sex and the City episodes or scan the pages of Cosmopolitan and you’ll agree. You’re busy achieving an orgasm while your partner has just had her third (consecutively). Who in this picture do you think is enjoying sex more?

During a date, remember this: you and the woman you’re chatting up want sex with the same intensity. It just takes more time for her to loosen up and relax. Society tends to frown upon sexually active women and label them “whores”. Ease her out of her shell by creating the perfect comfortable setting.

4. Macho, bad-ass dudes with tough exteriors are extremely attractive to women

Unemotional, non-crying toughness displayed by action stars is how guys should be. Newsflash: you won’t score points with the ladies this way. Confidence is fine, but a little emotion doesn’t hurt either.

5. Become players armed with serious game for attracting the ladies

No need for fancy skills or techniques here. Learning to dress well and handle yourself, developing a bit of social skills, loosening up, being yourself around the ladies and living life with gusto are all that’s required to get ahead.

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