Is dating becoming a boring thing for you to do? If so, then you are in desperate need of some sexy, hot, and creative date ideas my friend. You may not feel this way if you’re dating someone new but if this is, say, your umpteenth date with the same person, then the classic “dinner-and-movie” date combo may be getting a bit stale.

How to Arrive at Creative Date Ideas

So, what do you do? Well, a quick search online reveals tons of fun dating ideas for you to try. Of course, not all of them may be suited for you and your date. However, do keep an open mind. More often than not, you may not like someone’s creative date ideas but they do spark some dating ideas of your own.

Also, when you look up date ideas online, be sure to “share the responsibility” with your partner. For instance, who says that making your next date different is all up to you? Rope in your date and see what he/she thinks. Who knows, maybe he or she has been wanting to try something out but has never said so because they were not sure you will be interested in it.

By opening up that you are keen to try something new, your date may have one or two fun dating ideas that you can try.

Note too that you don’t always have to mutually agree on date plans. This is especially true if you and your date are very different from each other. Instead, take turns in planning your date! For instance, if you’re in charge of date night this week, make next week your date’s turn to plan things out.

The one thing that you should never agree on though is this: ROUTINE.

A specific “date night template” is a no-no because it’s one of the surest ways to kill a relationship. Come on. Remember, a “spicy” relationship keeps everything looking new and fresh, which in turn makes for a successful relationship.

Also, don’t be afraid to try something completely new. For example, most dating couples will probably consider a trip to a strip bar a no-no; perhaps even a taboo. But is it really? I know a couple that agreed to try it once and had a blast!

However, keep things in balance. That is, encourage each other to be open-minded but never force the other person if he/she is vehemently against the idea. Remember, you want to enjoy and find new and creative date ideas, not make this an opportunity to manipulate your date to do something only you want to do.

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