It is general knowledge that the marriage vows entail spending the rest of your life with your spouse “till death do you part.” But with the alarming rise of divorce and separation rates and how fast marriage comes and goes, you’re left thinking what if they could’ve just sworn to spend the rest of their lives “till irreconcilable differences do you part.” There’s this gray area from the time you got married and you can’t wait to start your lives together up until the part you’ve actually been considering getting a divorce.

When you look back on what could’ve caused all these commotion, you later on realize that it just stemmed from one simple miscommunication-a very petty fight which transformed into an uncontrollable situation wherein you’re left with almost no options but to just give up and end everything.

It’s never too late to calm down, look at the bigger picture and start again. It should not be this easy to just give up and file for divorce or be separated. If there’s still that part in you and your spouse which tells you that it can be saved, then it probably is worth the effort. To provide a little help, here are some small ways on how to save your marriage.

It can never be too late to start making an effort, and one of the ways on how to save your marriage is to make time for you and your spouse to have some quiet alone time. It is important that you and your spouse make an effort to shut the world off for a moment and just relax and talk to each other. It’s the time wherein you can tell each other all your concerns and problems and in return, listen attentively to what your spouse has to say as well.

Another possible step to take on how to save your marriage is to do something spontaneous for your spouse every day. It just has to be something little but something that your spouse wouldn’t really expect from you. This could add a bit of spark and romance which long-time married couples tend to lose along the way. You can prepare your spouse’s things, or breakfast in bed or even a simple note to make him/her smile for the day.

The most important key in making things work for both you and your spouse is to compromise. No matter what other ways on how to save your marriage you attempt to do, but without compromise, it just won’t work. It is imperative to prioritize your spouse’s needs before your own and for sure, you’ll gain a lot of trust and affection from your spouse.

And while it is very important to cater to your spouse’s needs and spend time with him/her, it is also important to spend time with yourself. Sometimes failed marriages result from one spouse losing his/her own identity and wanting it back even at the expense of destroying the marriage. It is imperative to value yourself first and know your true worth so your spouse can likewise value your importance and worth much more.

You and your spouse can never manipulate or force each other to fit each other’s idealistic expectations, but what’s important is to be open for improvement and betterment of each other for the benefit of your relationship.

It all begins with one step, one day at a time. Rushing into things never resulted in something beneficial and the same applies to a marriage. With these simple ways on how to save your marriage, you’re not only bringing romance in your married lives but you’re actually putting back the true meaning and sanctity of what it’s like to be married.

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