On Friday, April 13, 2012, U.S. motion picture stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie released a statement that after seven years and six offspring together, they were going to get hitched. Congratulations – finally. But what in the world took them so long?

Maybe the harsh media attention made it tricky for their relationship to germinate organically. But my guess is that the actual explanation is a lot more uncomplicated: similar to the rest of us “mere mortal” types, it’s taken Brad this long to feel “safe” marrying Angelina. But why not ask a man who knows a lot more about all that?

Relationship counselor T.W. “T Dub” Jackson constructed his practice on a relationship he ended nearly twenty years ago. He remembers it excruciating detail, from the way her face collapsed to how his own tears wet her cat as he patted it for one final time. And he recollects trying to figure out how it was possible to love someone for nearly five years and not feel the need to tie the knot – that is, what does it TAKE to get a man to commit?

His exploration of the subject produced his Girl Gets Ring Web-based program. According to T Dub, Brad’s devotion to Angelina just hasn’t been enough for him up until now. But what else would a finacee-to-be need aside from love? T Dub explains that men and women have diverse definitions of commitment. It’s not dreading the permanence of marriage that spooks men, but of being either weighed down or dismissed by a partner who doesn’t seem to give the impression that she is aware of who he genuinely is, and what he desires to do in the world.

Even a very famous Hollywood celebrity is capable of possessing that kind of insecurity — it’s unconsciously buried in nearly all men. Luckily, Girl Gets Ring can teach women how to defeat their men’s “mental road blocks,” as T Dub has named them, and get him to commit.

However, Girl Gets Ring isn’t solely for those who are almost engaged. There’s also a great deal of of material on if you’re starting out in dating, or going steady. Either way, you’ll want to know .

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