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When learning how to kiss, it’s important to focus on your kissing techniques…

…But what about the stuff you can’t exactly plan for: like how to make your partner feel special? Read the rest of this entry

Kissing Sexy with These Fun Kissing Games

When it comes to kissing sexy, nothing beats a few fun and flirty kissing games.

But you don’t have to play a party game of Spin the Bottle or Seven Minutes in Heaven to make the best of the best kissing games.  In fact, you and your partner can play plenty of fun kissing games on your own.

So, get ready to have a fun little party of two with these spine-tingling kissing games!

  • This kissing game is perfect for those who consider themselves a bit of a tease.  Next time you lean in to give your partner a sexy little kiss, get as close to their lips as possible without actually touching lips.  When your partner tries to lean in and complete the kiss, gently pull out of reach and give a sexy little smile.  Keep the game going until one of you breaks down and gives in to temptation!
  • If it’s a hot day out, try out this fun kissing game to cool down.  Grab an ice cube and pass it to your partner using just your mouth.  Pass the ice cube back and forth until it melts, or until one of you drops it – you’ll enjoy this sexy little kissing challenge.  Whoever drops it gets to buy dinner for the other person!
  • Grab a pencil and several pieces of paper and write down kissing moves that you’ve been dying to try.  Put it in a hat or bowl and have your partner draw one out.  Whatever you pick, make sure the two of you master that move before moving on.  It’s a great excuse for trying out new types of kisses – plus, you won’t feel awkward bringing up certain types of kisses you want to try.  It’s a win-win situation!

Kissing games can make kissing sexy a lot more fun – so don’t be afraid to get a little playful with your kisses!

How to Kiss Like a Pro

Wondering how to kiss like a pro?

Don’t look to movies or music videos for answers – they’ll only make you feel more intimidated when your partner’s leaning in for that lip kiss.  Put down those how-to guides, as they’ll make kissing feel way too technical.  And don’t ask your friends for advice, because they’re stuck in the same boat as you! Read the rest of this entry

For some, the appeal of first kisses will never go away.  After all, who doesn’t like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach as your partner leans in to kiss you for the very first time? Read the rest of this entry

French Kissing Tips for Beginners

So you’re ready to learn how to French kiss – but you don’t have the slightest idea on how to approach it.

Your friends aren’t making it any easier on you, because they’re just as clueless as you are.  And you tried turning to music videos and movies for some inspiration, but you have a feeling it won’t help during the real thing. Read the rest of this entry